Symbyo Project

The Symbiosis of individuality & interconnectedness

mission statement
We are cultivating 21st Century Skills,
supporting academic achievement,
service learning
and global citizenship by serving as guides
on a learning journey with young people
who are exploring and expanding
their reach in the world.
educating for the world of today and tomorrow
local ~ national ~ global
Founded in 2013 by a high school teacher who knew that her students deserved an empowering education that would both interest them and prepare them for the world they are living in, the Symbyo Project provides an alternative to the traditional classroom.

Project leaders work in partnership with the young people who choose to accept the challenge of designing and completing their own service and academic program. With projects both local and global, there is a place for every student to find his or her gifts.

Using current communication technologies, students from partnering sites collaborate in the development and implementation of their unique joint project, developing the skills needed to recreate and reinvent the world we live in...